Mission ZerO hosts SURVIVOR CAMP


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Call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 800-273-TALK
Or in GA- Call 800-715-4225:  GCAL for Mental Health Crisis!
Thank You to Survivor Camp Sponsors: Behavioral Health Link's GCAL or Georgia Crisis and Access Link and McDonalds!!!

Call Carol for more info on Camp: 770 634 3566


Contact Carol of Mission ZerO by phone at 770-634-3566 
or mail at PO BOX 492184, Lawrenceville, GA 30049
​or email at artoflife05@ gmail.com
In 2017, Carol and her son Gabriel hosted a camp for kids with challenges with fear or anger.  There were 12 kids in attendence
We met at Chattahoochee Nature Center and had fun hiking and engaging wildlife.  All kids recieved SURVIVOR BOXES full of fun survivor gear!

In 2018, Carol and her son Gabriel started at non-profit and hosted a camp for kids with challenges with fear, sadness, anger, or anxiety.  There was beading, puppetry, spoken word, poetry, music and more!
Its 2019, Carol and Gabriel with Helen and Christine are planning a fun summer experience for Survivor Camp 2019 and details are above!  We will be at Elachee learning about our relationship with nature, our relationship with peers, and our relationship with our caregivers or parents....while having tons of fun!!  We are being sponsored by Georgia Crisis and Access Line for a 3rd year!  McDonalds is a new sponsor and we are a Golden Grant recipient from McDonalds!  Heirborn Servants is serving Surivor Camp with anothe year of sponsorship also!!

  1. Carol Coussons de Reyes
    President and Founder
  2. Helen Vaughn
    Vice President
  3. Christine Martin